Potstop education

Pottery painting is ideal for primary age children and can be tailored to suit your requirements – we can fit in with a curriculum project or just welcome you to come and paint for fun during the Summer Term, as a post-SATs treat. One of the shop owners is a Local Advanced Skills Teacher and so is well placed to help you plan your project; we are happy to teach a technique or two or let their imaginations run free!

For a group visit, prices start at £5 per pupil, which includes a piece of pottery, use of the paints and decorating accessories at the pottery, and the glazing and firing of each piece. An average visit usually takes about 1 ½ hours. After a week, the finished articles will be ready for collection.

The Potstop studio can seat 32 (one main room of 24 and an upstairs room of 8) and has toilet and kitchen facilities. We have free parking for 3 cars (or 1 minibus) outside as well as street parking if necessary. We are a short walk from the train station and bus stops.

If it’s too tricky to come to us, we can put together a take-away pack for you to collect. This will include your choice of pottery blanks, paints, brushes and instructions for successful painting - we are happy to talk you through tips and techniques if you would like to visit us first. Once the pottery has been painted, simply allow it to dry, pack it back up and deliver it back to us for glazing and firing; it will be ready to collect a week later.

Classroom Ideas

Whether you come to us or we come to you, your project can be curriculum linked or just for fun.

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Come and spend a ½ day in our studio! We provide all you need to get creative and plenty of tips and techniques to get you started. Obligatory tea, coffee and even croissants provided!

Basic Package: £10 per painter (choice of mug, plate, bowl or flower pot)

Top package: £15 per painter (choice of 30+ items)

Or we can help you with your fundraising

  • Take pre-orders for fathers’ day handprint plates or mugs and keep a percentage of the profits

  • Organise a whole-school painting day: parents choose an item to buy which is painted by their child with a percentage of the profits going to the school

  • Get the mums together after school drop off and come to the peace of the studio to paint and drink tea and coffee, choose an item and agree a fixed price, keeping a percentage for school funds. Bring a few cakes and who could refuse?

Discuss your own idea with us and we’ll try to find a way to make your school some much-needed cash!